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Tails from Georgia

Musings, Meanderings, and Muddlings

"If you [America] turn into a non-democracy, there will be no America to come and help you out." Margaret Atwood, 4 May 2004.

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President Obama. How cool is that?

I have shamelessly copied pelirroja_ljc in my layout! I haven't changed it since 2003. The new one is courtesy tuff_ghost and freelayouts:

1. The background image is a modified background tile from The Inspiration Gallery.
2. The tiny LJ icons (user icon, community icon, locked, etc) are by _excentric_.
3. I am really not sure about crediting the library photos, as they are from a print book and I obtained the images from a blogger who had scanned and posted them. Here is the blog entry just to be safe; it contains a link to the photographer's online gallery.

And despite what gryffinjack and pelirroja_ljc say, I am the Evil-est :).